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Tom Tomaszewski





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Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist | EMDR Therapist

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<strong>I enjoy working with people</strong> who have shown a lot of promise, or who have had a lot of success, but whose lives have somehow collapsed, or are in danger of doing so. From young people who have dropped out of school or university to established business people, artists or musicians, I have had a lot of success helping often very successful and well-known individuals realise or reconfirm their potential. Equally, I specialise in helping people who do not know what life has to offer them, or who feel as if life always counts against them, find a desirable place in the world.


<strong>For many years I worked</strong> as clinical manager at Charter, one of London's most remarkable and inventive private clinics, which specialised in treating people with different kinds of compulsive behaviour: things like alcohol and drug addiction, eating disorders, sexual compulsion, self-harm and gambling. Before that I worked with people often described and discounted  as 'psychotic' or 'borderline'.


<strong>I am trained and supervised as</strong> a psychoanalytic psychotherapist and an EMDR therapist; I am most interested in finding, with my client, a way of working that is right for them. I recognise that from the very start of therapy people still need to function in their everyday lives and, to this end, I have established a network of trusted, independently minded, experienced individuals and groups, including psychiatrists, specialist counsellors, nutritionists, body therapists, tutors and trainers, able to provide clients with all that they might need complementary to the psychotherapy with me.

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07792 340364

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About Me: Philosophy

I am trained and supervised as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist and an EMDR therapist; and although that might be helpful to someone wanting to look at my work and understand something about the way I practice, my technique or my thinking, perhaps, I'm not sure how much is helps understand what therapy with me might be like.

You will bring with you ways of thinking about life that will, from the start, make your therapy unique. I do not have a consistent 'method' any more than I would expect the conversations I have with different people in all areas of my life to stick to the same patterns and rhythms. Life is unpredictable. We are all different and we need different things at different times (even if we all tend to need some of the same things in our lives), including to be approached in ways that feel right for us.

A risk in therapy is that it might seek to normalise us: to iron out the quirks and unusual things about us that might make us so much fun to be around once we are comfortable with them. Quiet and cautious need not ever be dull. Loud and wild need never be dangerous or disruptive – at least not in a way that is bad for you and for others unless you intend it to be so.

I believe that we are not immediately transparent to ourselves. We don't know ourselves as well as we'd like to think. Sometimes we need someone else to help us understand who we are, what we do, and what we have done. This is why I am interested in whatever 'the unconscious' might be and why I believe psychoanalytic thinking can be fruitful. In my experience it allows for the most diverse and exciting ways of thinking about life and what it can hold for each of us.

I often use EMDR techniques to help clients explore their conscious lives and realise how much more about themselves they know than they think they do, or to be able to think and talk about things that previously might have felt impossible to consider: from traumatic events to disturbing thoughts and feelings.

The therapy I offer is <em>associative</em>. My job is to try and help you join your life up, to bring as much of your experience as possible within your immediate grasp so that, in any moment, you are best able to cope not just with whatever life throws at you and what you throw at it. By the time you have finished working with me I hope that you might feel inclined, perhaps very quietly or maybe with a lot of noise, to throw yourself and your ideas into the world with the kind of freedom that might make your life truly worth living, whatever its constraints.

What happens in therapy with me? We sit in a room facing each other, or not, if you like – you may want to lie on a couch or get up and walk around – and we talk. Or we sit in silence and think. We ask questions of each other. We slowly get to know each other and realise things we did not know to begin with. You may find yourself becoming able to think and say things you did not believe possible, and with this to do things differently, and to feel very different in the world. The more in command of your life you feel, even if this means accepting there are many things you cannot command, the less anxious you will feel, and the more connected to people and things you choose you will become. Perhaps that will leave you happier.

About Me: Qualifications and Experience

<strong>I have undertaken various trainings</strong> as an individual and group psychotherapist. I am accredited as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist, am a fully qualified EMDR therapist, and completed a clinical masters exploring and training in various aspects of client care including medication, different psychiatric and psychological models of the mind, CBT and research methodology. I was for some time an honorary psychotherapist at St Martin’s hospital in Canterbury working with people suffering from psychosis, usually seeing them in their own homes.


<strong>For almost ten years</strong> I worked at Mandy Saligari's clinic, Charter, for several of which I was clinical manager and senior clinician.


<strong>I have extensive experience</strong> as an individual and group psychotherapist, and have also worked with many couples and families.


<strong>I am fully accredited</strong> by <a href="//" rel="nofollow">UKCP</a>, and a member of the <a href="//" rel="nofollow">Guild of Psychotherapists</a>, the <a href="//" rel="nofollow">EMDR Association</a>, the <a href="//" rel="nofollow">Council for Psychoanalysis & Jungian Analysis</a>, the <a href="//" rel="nofollow">Federation for Drug & Alcohol Practitioners</a>, and the <a href="//" rel="nofollow">International Neuropsychoanalysis Society</a>.

About Me: Publications

<strong>I have always had</strong> an interest in self-representation through writing and have developed various approaches to writing as a particular approach to therapy. Together with members of the Charter team I developed a TDR (Trauma, Dissociation and Recovery) group work programme, which I outlined at the 2015 UKCP research conference. I am a qualified EMDR therapist and am very interested in the intersection between psychoanalytic and EMDR work.


<strong>I am also a writer and</strong> have had two novels published: The Wisdom of Uncle Kasimir (Bloomsbury, 2005) and The Eleventh Letter (Dodo Ink, 2016). I contribute to several blogs. A number of my stories are available at and in other online and print publications.

Fees and Availability


My sessions ordinarily last for 50 minutes. Sometimes, with work involving EMDR, sessions last longer. The session length will always be agreed beforehand if there is going to be a variation from the normal pattern.

My charges relate to the specific work being undertaken and are always agreed prior to the treatment commencing. I sometimes offer reductions, depending on personal circumstances, the length of treatment and the amount of times we meet each week.


I see clients at the Box Tree Clinic on Mondays and Thursdays during the day. At other times I may be able to see clients at another location.

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Box Tree Clinic | Your Key to World Class Private Therapy