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Private couples therapy can be a relationship-saving resource.

When a Private couples therapist can help.

Perhaps arguments between you and your partner are occurring more frequently or ongoing irritations are causing increased resentment. If you have not had success working through relationship issues, are avoiding each other, or find that you are using hurtful words or actions towards each other, professional counselling may help.

Sexual problems, extreme moodiness, or feelings of dissatisfaction, loneliness, sadness or failure can also be signs that the relationship needs work. Couples counselling can help to uncover the underlying issues.

What to expect from A Private couples therapist.

During the first session, the therapist will review the therapeutic process, confidentiality and cost, unless these have been discussed in advance. He or she will get to know you and your partner and the issues that brought you to counselling.

Private couples counselling is different than family therapy or individual psychotherapy.  In family therapy, the focus is on helping the family figure out the overall problems within the entire family (including children). In individual psychotherapy, the focus is on a single person. While that person may talk about their relationships in the session, the relationship itself is not the primary focus in individual therapy. Private couples therapy is different, as it is focused on the relationship and is often termed as relationship counselling. The therapist’s allegiance is to the couple (and the relationship), rather than to either individual.

Together, the two of you and your therapist will set short-term and longer term goals, which could be anything from learning how to listen to one another, to figuring out new ways to navigate problems, to deciding how to share household and parental responsibilities. Some couples therapists are more present and solution focused, whereas others spend more time exploring how past issues are impacting current patterns of behaviour and emotional response in the relationship. Therapy generally lasts until your goals are met or until you reach a point where either you or the therapist considers it time to terminate treatment. However, some therapists and clients prefer to agree upon a specified number of sessions from the beginning.

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