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This week’s Psychology Around the Net explores how medications can affect personality, what to do when someone won’t admit they’re wrong, how extroverts can protect themselves from burnout, the reality of telling depressed people to exercise, and more.



The Medications that Change Who We Are: Can a prescription medication completely change an individual’s personality? Unfortunately, there are numerous cases of this occurring. In this article, the author reveals incredible evidence of the link between several prescription drugs, including statins, and extreme behavioral changes.

When Someone Won’t Own Up to Their Bad Behavior: Do you struggle with a person — perhaps a loved one — who refuses to admit they are wrong and only gets defensive when you confront them about their behavior? In this article, clinical psychologist and author Leon F. Seltzer, PhD, gives advice on how you can avoid those dreaded confrontations by using empathic communication.

Ways for Extroverts to Learn How To Chill: We’ve all seen the articles written to help introverts embrace their unique qualities and protect their energy. But what about extroverts? How can those who see themselves as extroverts take care of themselves, so as not to crash and burn?  In this article, the author shares excellent tips to help extroverts learn how to relax.

What Exercise Can — and Can’t — Do For Your Mental Health: It is well-established that exercise can improve mental health, but believing it’s the be-all-end-all treatment for depression can alienate people struggling with this debilitating disorder, especially those who have tried it with no success. This article examines the evidence of when exercise seems to help depression and when it doesn’t.

Comic Gary Gulman Fights Depression With Laughter in His HBO Special and Live Shows: It took comic Gary Gulman decades to stand up to his depression. So he considers it both a public service and a form of therapy that he made his mental illness the focus of his new HBO special “Gary Gulman: The Great Depresh.” By talking about his battle with depression in his comedy shows, Gulman believes he has given others the courage to step up and confront their demons as well. 

Wary of War, Iranian Americans Sink Into a Familiar Anxiety: The U.S. killing last week of General Qassem Soleimani has many Iranian-Americans worried about another war as Iran threatens to retaliate and the U.S. threatens to fight back. This article highlights the feelings of Iranian-Americans in Minnesota.

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