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This week’s Psychology Around the Net takes a look at a new study on the (un)reliability of court psych exams, learning how to speak your child’s love language, how microaggressions pop up in single life, and more.

Connect With Your Kids by Speaking Their ‘Love Language’: By now you’re probably familiar with the concept of “love languages” and how they apply to romantic relationships; however, you might not be familiar with how they apply to parent/child relationships. That’s right, your child has a love language just like everyone else, and it’s important you learn to speak it.

A New Study Challenges the Reliability of Court Psych Exams: A team of psychologists and lawyers came together for a two-part investigation into the reliability of psychological assessments used in legal contexts. Led by Tess Neal, a psychology professor at Arizona State University, the group of experts reviewed 364 psychological assessment tools and conducted a legal analysis of admissibility challenges. They found that although 90% of the tools have been subjected to empirical testing, only 67% could be identified as generally accepted in the field and only 40% had overall favorable reviews in industry authorities. Basically, about a third of the tests don’t fly; the mental health experts who reviewed the tests don’t find them scientific or reliable.

How to Slay Your Hurtful Stories: Chances are, you’re the one telling yourself hurtful stories, which makes you the perfect person to stop them. The key is to learn — and respect — the difference between struggling and suffering.

For Anxious Spouses, a Baby Might Be a Rival: Fresh research out of Ohio State University shows a new child can cause feelings of jealousy in parents who were already afraid of being abandoned by their partners. The study found that people who experienced relationship anxiety before their first child’s birth were more likely to be jealous of the child once it was born. Although researchers went into the study expecting anxious fathers to experience the most jealousy (because typically they spend less time with the baby than mothers do), that wasn’t the case; rather, anxious moms and dads were equally jealous.

How Burnout Affects Mental Health Workers: When your day-to-day job involves helping other people manage their emotional problems, how do you avoid eventually taking those issues home with you? Workplace burnout is a totally real thing, and mental health professionals aren’t immune; however, there are several steps they can take to help prevent it.

The Microaggressions of Single Life: The term microaggression is used to describe “brief and commonplace daily verbal, behavioural, or environmental indignities, whether intentional or unintentional, that communicate hostile, derogatory, or negative prejudicial slights and insults toward any group, particularly culturally marginalized groups.” How do microaggressions look when they’re aimed at single people?

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