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This week’s Psychology Around the Net looks at advice on helping your child cope with scary movies, a new study that shows men still feel judged for discussing their feelings, the most powerful obstacle standing between you and your goals, and more.

Psychiatrist Explains What ‘Joker’ Gets Wrong About Mental Illness: Even if you haven’t seen it, you’re probably aware that Joker, the psychological thriller film directed by Todd Phillips and starring Joaquin Phoenix, has a lot of people talking about mental illness. Dr Ziv Cohen, a criminal psychiatrist and clinical assistant professor of psychiatry at Cornell University, specializes in violence, predatory behavior, psychopathy, and other toxic personality disorders has joined the conversation stating the movie strengthens the incorrect stereotype that there’s a link between mental illness and violence. Cohen also says this Joker is probably not diagnosable at all: “Some of the greatest crimes in human history were committed by persons with no mental illness or evidence of psychopathy in their daily lives. I think the Joker character forces us to grapple with this innate human capacity for evil, which is ultimately unexplainable, and which is fruitfully explored in works of art.”

The #1 Obstacle That Prevents Positive Change: You might have many obstacles standing between you and your goals. Maybe you live in an unhealthy environment, or have no support system. Maybe there’s no room in your bank account for pursuing a dream, or maybe you wouldn’t have the time even if you did have the money. All of these are legitimate obstacles (legitimate, but not unconquerable), but chances are there’s a much bigger, more powerful obstacle standing in your way.

Introducing PEOPLE’s New Mental Health Initiative: Let’s Talk About It: PEOPLE is launching a year-long campaign to encourage the magazine’s readers to have important conversations about mental health. The Let’s Talk About It initiative will feature stories from people who’ve dealt with mental illness — celebrities and ordinary folk alike — and offer resources for getting help and supporting others.

How to Help Kids Get Over a Scary Movie: Spooky Season is here and no matter how diligently you screen scary movies to make sure they’re appropriate for your child’s age, personality, and maturity level, your offspring might still get their peepers on something no where near being on your approved list. Or, they might even become scared of a movie you do approve. Either way, here’s some down-to-earth advice on how to help your child overcome that fear.

Study Shows Men Still Feel Judged When They Talk About Their Feelings: A newly released study commissioned by the men’s health charity Movember shows that many men feel like they can’t be open about their feelings without facing judgment. The study surveyed 4,000 men from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia on emotions and masculinity and found that even though most men stated they understood talking about their emotions was beneficial (76% said they know it’s good for their mental health and 77% said they view it as an effective way to deal with issues), many of them still have reservations (58% feel like everyone expects them to “show no weakness” and 38% admitted to avoiding talking about their feelings so they wouldn’t appear “unmanly”).

Narcissistic Abuse Recovery: Healing from the “Discard”: Being “discarded” by a partner leaves you feeling wounded, confused, and unwanted. After all, you loved this person. You were vulnerable with them, trusted them, gave them your heart. Fortunately, you can recover and go on to fall in love again.

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